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How to Overcome Hatred to Some Person?

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Nov. 1st, 2008 | 11:26 am
posted by: lenno_cornish in credit_attack

  No one will deny that we meet different people on our way. Some of them gain your respect immediately but you don't have liking for other for some reasons or feelings. This is a usual thing because every person has a certain set of values, character, education and so on. But if it so happens that you have to communicate with such a person for job purposes how will you behave.

Of course if it is not an important person you can easily avoid communicating with him. In any other case try to understand that it is for nothing that you meet this person. Your relations are intended to teach you something. Try to be tolerant and polite. Don't humiliate or say abusive words. You will do bad to yourself and the surrounding people. Think that there is nothing good in feeling hatred to people. Once I have had such a person near me, I tried hard to overcome this feeling and after that I felt much better.

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