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Is Friendship Between Men and Women Possible?

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Oct. 3rd, 2008 | 02:36 pm
posted by: lenno_cornish in credit_attack

The opinions are different concerning this question. Some are based on the own experience, some are just points of view. Rabbi Shmuley consider the male/female friendship if they follow some rules. If a person isn't married it is quite common for him to have friends of the opposite sex. It is a usual thing that men and women work together, study and consequently can be friends.

If a person is married and has friends of the opposite sex he shouldn't compromise certain borders:
  • You shouldn't have late dinners.
  • You can't spend much time time with a person driving or flying even if it is for work purposes.
  • You shouldn't bring the relation close to romance.
  • You shouldn't tell the things you don't share with your spouse.
Friendship between men and women can exist till the time when any of them feel that there are more than friendly feelings between you.

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